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Why Do I Receive Mailer Daemon Failure Notice?

The Mailer Daemon failure notice to your Daemon mail account, whenever the mail server cannot deliver the mail to the recipient. There are many reasons for email delivery failure.

Mailer Daemon Failure Notice

Inside the Failure Notice:

After the mail server fails to deliver the mail to the recipient address, the Daemon mail system sends the failure notice, which has the reason for the failed delivery, ultimately notifying that the message did not reach the receiver.

Causes of the mail delivery failure:

  • The recipient address you mentioned on the email may be incorrect, due to which the server cannot send the mail and you can receive the mailer daemon failure notice.
  • When the Daemon server itself is down, the problem occurs.
  • If you find any malware on the system or the mail attachment, then the mail bounces back to your mail account.

Mailer Daemon Failure Notice Spam:

It is not always a genuine failure notice; sometimes, the hackers use the sender’s address present in the email header to send spam emails to the sender. The spam email contains a corrupted message, link, or attachment. If you open the email to check the mailer daemon failure notice, you are opening the malicious mail. When there are several failure notices from Mailer Daemon, it means someone is accessing your email account without you knowing, or the mails denote the presence of unwanted data on the system.

Ways to Fix the Failure Notice Emails:

1. Mark ‘spam’

  • When there are many failure notice mails on the account, do not try to open the emails.
  • Select the mail, click the options menu, and select Report Spam to block such emails in the future.
  • By default, these emails will move to the Junk folder.

2. Scan the Device

  • Close all the windows on the system and then disconnect the internet service of the device.
  • Use a reliable virus scanner or malware detector tool to scan the device for the virus.
  • If you find any malware file or application, remove it using a virus removal tool.
  • After that, go on to change the password of your email account and then Why Do I Receive Mailer Daemon Failure Notice.