Simplisafe Google Home Setup

Simplisafe Google Home Setup

The foremost thought every individual has is, keeping their family and loved ones in a safer environment. Creating a safer place is much easier today. With the SimpliSafe security system's help, you can guarantee a hundred percent safety for your loved ones. The SimpliSafe security system is the most advanced and affordable security device for your home. It addresses many threats and provides an ideal balance of high-quality service and a comfortable user experience. Its wide range of features protects the house from intruders and other unexpected events like fires and floods. SimpliSafe can be integrated with Google Home/Google Nest by simple and straightforward steps.

Step 1: Install the SimpliSafe

  • Unpack the base station box and pull out the battery tap.
  • Place SimpliSafe's base station in a central location of your house.
  • Insert the power adapter into the power jack and the other end to the wall outlet.
  • You're now ready to set up the keypad. Follow the on-screen instructions and set your master pin.
  • Activate the base station using the master pin.

Step 2: Fix the sensors

  • Unpack the sensors and remove the battery from the sensors.
  • Press the Test button on the sensors and name the sensor using the keypad.
  • Follow the provided instructions and complete installing the sensor.

Step 3: Connect to Wi-Fi

  • On your keypad, press the Menu button and type-in your four-digit master pin.
  • Navigate and select the System Settings option followed by Wi-Fi.
  • Select your network and confirm your selection.
  • Enter the passcode again and connect SimpliSafe to Wi-Fi

Step 4: Setup Google Home

  • Launch the Google Home app and click on the '+' symbol or the Add device option.
  • Choose the Setup Device option.
  • Select the Works with Google section followed by the Have something already set up option.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon and search for SimpliSafe.
  • You'll be prompted to enter the SimpliSafe credentials and tap YES for your selection.

You've completed setting up Google Home on SimpliSafe. Verify the connection by saying, 'Hey Google, arm SimpliSafe to Home.' For any further assistance, contact our support team.