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Solved: Postmaster Email Delivery Failure Notification

If you receive a postmaster e-mail delivery failure notification, then scroll down this page to clear it.Generally, when an e-mail fails to reach the destination address, the Postmaster email delivery failure notification is displayed on the screen.

Postmaster Email Delivery Failure Notification

There are many reasons for this issue to occur, like a poor internet connection and invalid e-mail address, to name a few.

  • Step 1:Check The Internet Connection: If you’re encountering this error notification for the first time, then check whether your computer is connected to an active or stable internet connection. If not, connect it to the internet and then send the e-mail to the destination address.
  • Step 2:Check The E-mail Address: Check the e-mail address that you have entered in the To field. Similarly, make sure that the e-mail address is active. Ask the e-mail holder to check whether the account is blocked for any security reasons. If the account is blocked for security reasons, then unblock it by contacting the e-mail service provider.
  • Step 3:Check The E-mail Client Settings: If you encounter this issue while sending the e-mail using the e-mail client, then check whether the account settings are configured correctly on it. In case the account settings are misconfigured, then reconfigure them correctly before resending the e-mail. While reconfiguring the account, make sure that the incoming (IMAP or POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) ports are configured correctly.
  • Step 4:Check For Issues With Your E-mail Service Provider: Check if the e-mail service provider’s server is working properly. To verify it, try to send an e-mail to other e-mail accounts. If the same issue persists, then the corresponding e-mail provider’s server is down. Try to send the e-mail after a while.

If the Postmaster email delivery failure notification is displayed again, contact us to get remote assistance in resolving it.