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Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send

While using your Outlook account, you might encounter issues such as login issues or being unable to send emails. Sometimes, you cannot receive emails from the sender but can send them. It usually occurs due to incorrect POP or IMAP settings, or you might have blocked the sender. Don’t worry. Check this page to resolve this Outlook not receiving emails but can send issue.

Checking the Spam folder:

The first and foremost action you will have to do is check the Spam folder in your Outlook account. To do it, launch your Outlook account and then click the Spam folder in the left navigation bar. Search for your email. Once found, right-click on your email and select Mark as not junk. It automatically sends your email to the Inbox folder.

Outlook not receiving emails but can send

In the following section, we shall see the procedure to send emails at a specific time in Outlook.

Ensuring Internet connection:

Check whether you have an active Internet connection while using your Outlook account. Check the connectivity issue and re-launch the Outlook application. Sometimes, closing and re-launching your Outlook application might resolve the issue.

Blocked senders:

Sometimes, you would have blocked the senders unknowingly. So, make sure that you unblock them. If you use, go to Settings and then select View all Outlook Settings. From there, select Mail and then click Junk email. You can now select your sender’s address if it is blocked. You’ll find it under the Blocked senders and domains section.

Deleting the Inbox messages:

Due to the attachment of huge files, your Inbox might become full. You need to clear the old messages or any unwanted large files to free up your Inbox. It resolves your Outlook not receiving emails but can send problem with Outlook.

Checking the offline settings on your Outlook account:

Outlook application has a Work Offline option. Sometimes, your Outlook application cannot be connected to the mail server, and you cannot receive any new emails. It is because you’ve enabled the Work Offline option. Disable it to fix the problem.

Review the server settings:

Due to incorrect server settings, the Outlook account cannot receive emails from any sender. It is recommended to check the server settings for your Outlook application.

  • Step 1:Launch the Outlook application on your Windows computer.
  • Step 2:Navigate to Account Settings. In the Account Settings window, select Change.
  • Step 3:You can review the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server for your Outlook account. Check the port number as well. If the settings are incorrect, change and save them. Now, go to your Inbox folder and check if there are any new emails.

Additional solutions to fix the problem:

  • Step 1:Ensure that you delete all the caches in your Outlook account.
  • Step 2:By creating a new Outlook profile, you can receive your missing emails.
  • Step 3:Check your Outlook rules. Turn off your Outlook rule and go to your Inbox folder. You will find your missing emails now. Finally, solve the Outlook not receiving emails but send issue.

Now, you have seen how to fix your Outlook not receiving emails but can send issue.