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Issue: Outlook Not Connected To Exchange

On newer version of Outlook, to fix the Outlook not connected to exchange issue in the latest version of Outlook on a Mac computer, carry out the steps given below.

Step 1 - Offline

  • Double-click the Microsoft Outlook icon to open its application.
  • Click the Outlook tab at the top and remove the checkmark next to the Work Offline option if it is selected.
Outlook not connected to exchange

Step 2 - Exchange server connection

  • Click the Tools tab and select the Accounts option.
  • Check if you could see any indicator icon next to the Exchange account.
  • If so, try to troubleshoot the error.
  • If you do not see the indicator icon, try to access the Exchange account from the Outlook web application.

Step 3 - Outlook cache

Clearing the Outlook cache could solve the Outlook not connected to exchange issue, but you have to be watchful. If the data on Outlook and the Exchange server are not synced, then you might lose your data. So make sure to back up the Outlook data before clearing the cache. Now proceed with the steps given below.

  • Right-click the Exchange folder and select the Properties option.
  • Note: Instead of right-clicking the folder, click the Exchange folder while pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
  • Navigate to the General tab and click the Empty Cache button.
  • This will empty the cache of the Microsoft Outlook application.

Outlook 2011

The steps to troubleshoot the Exchange server connection issue in Office 2011 are as follows:

  • Press the Ctrl key and click the Exchange folder.
  • Select the Folder Properties and click the General tab.
  • Navigate to the Empty Cache section and select the Empty option.
  • Once done, the Outlook 2011 application can download data from the Exchange server automatically.
  • If the connection issue between Outlook and Exchange mailboxes arises due to the RPC encryption, carry out the quick steps provided below.
  • Navigate to Control Panel -> Mail -> Show Profiles.
  • Choose your profile and click the Properties option.
  • Select Email Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange -> Change -> More Settings.
  • Navigate to the Security tab, select the checkbox next to the ‘Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange’ option and click the OK option.
  • Click Next -> Finish -> Close -> Close -> OK.
  • If the Outlook not connected to exchange problem persists, click the Call button to get technical assistance from our support members.