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Solved: Outlook Cannot Connect To The Exchange Server

Many people have to connect to the Outlook Exchange Server in order to access their work mails. Occasionally, Outlook has some problems connecting to the Exchange Server. As servers run massive data and are busy at most times, connectivity issues are one thing that we can’t deny while using Outlook. We have given certain troubleshooting methods that you can follow and see if you are able to connect Outlook with the Exchange Server.

Outlook Cannot Connect To The Exchange Server

Simplest method - uncheck offline mode:

  • Step 1:Click on the File menu and see if there is a checkmark next to the Work Offline option.
  • Step 2:If you find a checkmark, then uncheck it immediately.
  • Step 3:See whether you are able to send and receive emails on Outlook.
  • Step 4:If Yes, then the problem is solved.
  • Step 5:If No, then follow the below-given methods.

Restart your outlook application:

  • Step 1:You can also try this method by simply closing Outlook and restarting it.
  • Step 2:If the issue persists, then try to restart your computer or laptop as well.
  • Step 3:There is also a possibility that the issue is caused by your computer being prone to some connectivity issues.
  • Step 4:So, try to open your web browser and see whether you are able to open random websites smoothly.
  • Step 5:If not, connect your computer with a different Internet connection, and repeat all the above-given procedures.

Repair the office installer:

  • Step 1:Another possible method you can try is repairing the Microsoft Office installer.
  • Step 2:Open Control Panel.
  • Step 3:Click on the Programs and Features menu.
  • Step 4:Locate the Microsoft Office installation file and click to select it.
  • Step 5:Right-click on it and select Change. In the next window, select Repair and then click on Continue.
  • Step 6:It will take some time to repair completely (It depends on your system configuration).
  • Step 7:Once the repair is done, reboot your system.
  • Step 8:After restarting your computer, check whether Outlook is able to send and receive emails without any issue.
  • Step 9:Proceed to the next method if Outlook is not connecting to the Exchange Server.

Manually recreate your profile:

  • Step 1:When other methods fail to fix the Outlook cannot connect to server error, the last trick you can apply is recreating your Microsoft Office Outlook profile.
  • Step 2:It is always advised to delete the old account before creating a new one.
  • Step 3:In order to create a new profile, you need to be aware of the account settings. Follow the below steps to recreate a new profile.
  • Step 4:Open Control Panel.
  • Step 5:Open Mail.
  • Step 6:Click Show Profiles.
  • Step 7:Select your profile and click on the Properties menu.
  • Step 8:Select Email Accounts.
  • Step 9:Assign a specific name to the profile.
  • Step 10:Continue with the instructions on the setup wizard.
  • Step 11:Once the profile gets created successfully, you can make it the default one.
  • Step 12:So, these are some of the well-known techniques you can follow to solve the Outlook cannot connect to the Exchange Server issue.