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Outlook 2019 IMAP Settings

We all know that is a webmail service and the Microsoft Outlook is an email client application. The Outlook email client can help in managing your data, including the calendars and other entries like contacts, tasks, and notes along with your emails. The Outlook 2019 IMAP settings on the application has these features mentioned below in addition to those in the earlier Outlook 2016 application.

  • Automatic download of Cloud attachments
  • Easy email sorting
  • Mark as read while deleting
  • Three time zones
  • Focused inbox
Outlook 2019 IMAP settings

The Outlook 2019 application supports setting up of both IMAP and POP email accounts. So if you wish to set up your Outlook 2019 IMAP settings, all you need to know is your email server settings. Also, enable POP or IMAP in your webmail so that Outlook could access your email client using the configured protocol.

Now, let’s see the steps to configure an IMAP email account in Outlook 2019.

  • Open the Outlook 2019 application on your computer.
  • On the Welcome screen, enter your email address in the address field.
  • Click the Advanced options link below the email address field.
  • Enable the ‘Let me set up my account manually’ checkbox and then click the Connect button.
  • In the Choose account type window, click the IMAP option.
  • On the next page, you have to enter the incoming and outgoing mail server details.

The Incoming Mail Server:

  • The incoming mail server: Enter the IMAP server address
  • Incoming port number: 993
  • Requires logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Unchecked

The Outgoing Mail Server:

  • The Outgoing mail server: Enter the SMTP server address
  • The Outgoing Port Number: 465 or 587
  • Requires logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Unchecked
  • Make sure the Encryption method is set to SSL/TLS from the drop-down list.
  • In the next window, enter your email account password and click the Connect button.
  • Now, your IMAP email account will be added to the Outlook 2019 email client and successfully configured your Outlook 2019 IMAP settings.