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Outlook 2013 Calendar Permissions Not Working  

Many users have reported that the Outlook 2013 calendar permissions not working. There are some standard instructions available for you to share your calendar permissions in Outlook. You also have the facility to add, remove, or review the permissions that you have delegated in Outlook 2013.

Outlook 2013 calendar permissions not working

Let us first look into those standard instructions to share calendar permissions in Outlook 2013:

  • Once you launch Outlook 2013 on your computer, go to the Navigation bar. From this bar, choose the Calendar button.
  • Next, select the Calendar you want to fix the Outlook 2013 calendar permissions not working issue. Right-click on that Calendar and then choose the Share option. Then, select the Calendar Permissions button (or option).
  • Now, click the Permissions tab.
  • Under Permissions, you can either add or remove users (only those users to whom you have delegated access).
  • After you add or remove your users, you can click on Apply, followed by the OK button.

Steps To Solve The Problematic Scenario:

However, in some situations, the above standard instructions fail to work. For instance, some users attempt to set permissions on a shared calendar. These users have got the correct permissions on their calendars in Exchange; still, they complain that the Calendar Permissions button (or option) in Outlook 2013 is grayed out when they try to set permissions.

The Reason behind the Problematic Scenario:

The Calendar Permissions button in Outlook will function only for the primary/personal calendar. But, when a shared or resource calendar is chosen, this button will be grayed out.

Another reason for the calendar permissions issue in Outlook 2013 could be the following:

The Calendar Permissions button might look grayed out because the IT department in your organization could have blocked the permissions for calendar sharing as a part of security precautions.

The Solution to the Problematic Scenario:

  • If your organization’s IT department has not restricted calendar sharing, but still, the Calendar Permissions button looks grayed out, try restarting Outlook in Safe Mode.
  • Another method to resolve the Outlook 2013 calendar permissions not working issue is by choosing your Calendar from the list of Calendars. Then, you need to right-click on it and select the Properties option. A new window will now pop up. In this window, choose the Permissions option and then adjust or assign access appropriately.