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Sendmail Configuration SMTP Server Settings

The step-by-step instructions to set up Linux Sendmail configuration SMTP Server are given below. If you do not have your own SMTP relay, you can use your ISP SMTP relay. To use the ISP SMTP relay or your enterprise SMTP relay, you need to provide credentials. This is necessary when you want to send email messages to the external recipients. It will help avoid spoofs and also enable anti-spam filters to get the email messages that are not coming from your whitelist SMTP relay. By default, it might use a local SMTP mechanism. Mostly, this mechanism will be blocked by SMTP systems.

Linux Sendmail configuration SMTP Server

Adding SMTP relay

Step 1 - Editing SendMail make file

  • Type ‘vim/etc/mail/’ without including the single quotes and press the Enter key on the keyboard in your Terminal window to setup Linux Sendmail configuration SMTP Server.

Step 2 - Removing comment

  • Enter the command line provided here correctly.
  • Dnl define (‘SMART_HOST’, ‘smtp.your.provider’) dnl

Step 3 - Replacing ‘smtp.your.provider’

  • Type the command line that is given below and press Enter.
  • define (‘SMART_HOST’, ‘’) dnl
  • Note: You are strongly recommended not to use the IP address.

Step 4 - Regenerating SendMail configuration file

  • Enter ‘/etc/mail/make’ without the quotes.

Optional - Adding authentication

Step 1 - Mail configuration directory

  • Enter ‘cd/etc/mail’ without including the single quotes.

Step 2 - Creating hash map and Authinfo

  • Type the command lines one after the other correctly and press the Enter key on the computer’s keyboard.
  • vim/etc/mail/authinfo
  • makemap hash authinfo < authinfo
  • Vim/etc/mail/
  • FEATURE (‘authinfo’)

Step 3 - Regenerating SendMail configuration file

  • Enter ‘etc/mail/make’ without the quotes.

Restarting the service

  • Enter the following command lines:
  • service sendmail restart
  • /etc/init.d/sendmail restart
  • systemctl restart sendmail

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