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Imap Email Server Software

The available IMAP email server software are listed below.

  • Courier Mail Server
  • Cyrus Mail Server
  • hMail Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Eudora Internet Mail Server
  • Axigen
Imap Email Server Software

Imap Download Email from Server

Carry out the step-by-step guidelines to download IMAP emails from the server using the IMAP Email Downloader software.

  • Download the IMAP Email server Downloader software and then install it on your Windows computer.
  • After installing the IMAP Email Downloader software, open its main interface.
  • Click the IMAP Server tab at the left panel of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Select Email Source tab for download IMAP email server software.
  • Fill the Email Address and Password fields with the correct account credentials.
  • Also, enter the correct details in the IMAP Host and IMAP Port fields.
  • Click the Login button after entering the required information in the appropriate fields.
  • Move to the Backup tab and then select the EML option from the Select Saving option drop-down menu.
  • Select your desired option from the File Naming Option drop-down list.
  • Click the Change button to specify the destination path to save the emails.
  • After selecting the checkbox next to the ‘Use Advanced Settings for selective Migration’ option, click the Backup button.
  • You can see the migration process on the screen.
  • Once the IMAP email is downloaded from the server, you will get a completed message on the screen in IMAP email server.