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How To Sync Email On iPhone?  

You can configure several email accounts on an iPhone easily if you have the correct server details. But, what about syncing an email account? If you’re wondering how to sync your email on your iPhone, then you’ve opened the right page for the solution. By adding the Exchange ActiveSync account on iPhone, you can sync your email account’s mail, contacts, calendars, and more. The section below explains how to sync email on iPhone by adding your Exchange ActiveSync account. 

How To Sync Email On iPhone

Step-by-step instructions to sync email on iPhone

Step 1: Adding Your Exchange Account

The first step in syncing your email account on the iPhone is adding the Exchange account. To add your Exchange account on your iPhone, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on the Mail option followed by Add Account. Select the Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Now, the Exchange screen will open.

Step 2: Entering Your Exchange Account Credentials

  • On the Exchange screen, you can find two fields Email and Description.
  • Type your Exchange account’s address in the Email field and a short description of your account in the corresponding
  • field.

Step 3: Connect To The Exchange Server

  • After entering your Exchange server address, tap the Sign In or Configure Manually button.
  • If you wish to automatically configure your Exchange Server settings, then tap the Sign in button. 
  • To configure the server manually, tap the Configure Manually button.
  • Based on your selection, this step may vary. So, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the Exchange server.

Step 4: Sync Your Email Account Details

  • Once your iPhone is connected to the Exchange server, you can see the Exchange screen displaying the content that you’re allowed to sync.
  • Tap on the toggle button beside the content that you wish to sync with your iPhone.
  • After enabling all the content, tap Save.

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