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How to Stop Synchronizing Folders in Outlook 365? 

The Microsoft Outlook application’s sync feature helps you to manage your account by automatically synchronizing your account details such as contacts, emails, and calendars with your PC or the device on which you are using Outlook. If your data is stored on your computer, there is a chance for a third-party person to access it easily. To avoid such a situation and keep your data secure on the Exchange server, you must stop synchronization in Outlook 365. Microsoft Outlook allows users to enable and disable automatic synchronization based on their needs. The methods discussed below explains how to stop synchronizing folders in Outlook 365.

Method 1: Turn off automatic synchronization 

  • This method is the easiest way to stop synchronizing folders in Outlook 365. 
  • On your computer, open the Microsoft Outlook 365 application.
  • Select the email folder that you wish to modify.
  • Now, highlight and right-click on an email.
  • Choose the Properties option.
  • In the Properties dialog box, deselect the Automatically Generate Microsoft Exchange Views option by unchecking the checkbox beside it.
  • Similarly, deselect this option for all the emails present in the folder.
  • After disabling the Automatically Generate Microsoft Exchange option for all the emails, disable the Outlook folder synchronization feature.
How To Stop Synchronizing Folders In Outlook 365

Method 2: Turn off Outlook Folder Synchronization feature

  • Now, let’s see how to stop synchronizing folders Outlook 365 by disabling the sync feature.
  • Launch the Outlook 365 application and sign in to your account.
  • Wait for all the emails to load.
  • Once it is done, go to the Tools tab.
  • Select Options and click the Mail Setup tab.
  • Now, the send and receive options window will open.
  • In this window, click the checkbox beside the Send Immediately when connected option.
  • Click the Send/Receive button.
  • Disable the Perform automatic send/receive when exiting option and click OK. Close the Microsoft Outlook application and relaunch it after a while.
  • If the above methods fail to stop the sync feature, then scroll down to know how to stop synchronizing folders in Outlook 365.

Method 3: Disable the Use Cached Exchange Mode option

  • On the main screen of Outlook, click File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Choose your email account and click Change.
  • In the Change Account window, locate the Use Cached Exchange Mode option and uncheck the box beside it. 
  • Click Next > Finish.
  • Restart the Outlook application to apply the settings.

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