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How To Stop Spam Emails?

Experts say that about 90% of all the emails that are sent are spam. You will waste a lot of precious time if you try to delete all your spam emails or try to stop spam emails. The spam emails look like genuine messages, and so, you end up getting fooled. Spammers are increasing in number day by day. They are also getting more advanced technically, and are beginning to send more emails that appear to be genuine and normal.These spammers utilize databases that contain an uncountable number of email addresses.

Causes for getting spam emails:

  • Please take a look at the following reasons for getting spam emails:
  • You might have shared your email address with an online retailer.
  • You could have included your email address on your website.
  • You might be posting to one or more newsgroups.
  • You may be using an internet service that requests you to sign up using your email address.
Stop Spam Emails

Useful anti-spam measures:

Try following the anti-spam measures given here:

Never open emails if you have the slightest doubt or suspicion about them. And, avoid clicking the links in the emails that you suspect. Some of the other preventive to stop spam emails methods are:

Avoid buying from a spammer:

If you buy from a spammer, you will infect your computer. There are a large number of viruses, malware, and ransomware out there, and they might enter into your computer. In addition, you will encourage the spammers unknowingly.

Refrain from threatening your spammer:

Spammers too have got rights. So, if you try sending threatening messages, you might have to face legal action so stop spam emails.

Try using a disposable email address:

Make use of a disposable email address for your online shopping and writing to groups. If you are receiving too many spams to this disposable address, you just have to delete this account and create another one.

Do not reveal your email address on your own website:

A spambot harvests email addresses. If you have your own website and use your email address on it, you will be attracting these spambots. Instead of putting your email address on your site, try using a web contact form.

By following the anti-spam measures described above, you can stop receiving spam emails.

Unwanted Emails in Gmail

  • If you are a Gmail user, you can simply block the spam emails that try to flood your account. You can go to a particular message and click the drop-down list button located in the top-right corner of the message. Then, click the block option.
  • Another method for getting rid of the spam emails in Gmail is to use a filter. When Gmail recognizes an email as spam, you can utilize this filter to delete that particular email. You can delete that email automatically and permanently. To achieve this, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Search mail bar in your Gmail account.
  • Click the down arrow in the Search mail bar.
  • You will find the Has the words field. In this field, type the words: is:spam
  • Now, click the Create filter with this search link.
  • If you carry out the instructions given above, you can resolve the issue of stop spam emails in your Gmail account.