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Issue: Apple Watch Mail Not Syncing With Iphone  

apple watch mail not syncing with iPhone

The Problematic Scenario:

You have added, deleted, and archived mails on your iPhone (iMessages). Normally, these changes have to be reflected in the Apple Watch Mail that you are using. But now, you find that your Apple watch mail not syncing with iPhone. In other words, the changes that you make on your iPhone are not getting updated on your Apple Watch Mail.

Case 1: At times, when you reset the inboxes that your Apple Watch Mail app links to, everything works fine for about an hour or so. However, after a while, the problem reoccurs.

Case 2: When you manually delete some messages on your iPhone, your Watch Mail app does not delete them. When you have read the messages on your iPhone, the Watch Mail app shows that they are unread.

To put it in a nutshell, your Apple Watch Mail app does not recognize the changes or updates that you make on the mails on your iPhone. The messages on both these devices simply do not sync. You find that the situation is the same on both your Gmail account and your Outlook Exchange account.

The Solution to the Problematic Scenario:

  • One way to resolve the issue is by going to your Watch Mail app and following the path: General->Reset->Reset Sync Data.
  • Try rebooting your iPhone. Also, check if you have performed the latest iOS upgrade.
  • “Turning the device off and then on again” works in most cases. Therefore, try doing it on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. At times, it might work to your surprise!
  • In case the above methods fail to solve the problem, try de-selecting and re-selecting the inboxes that you wish to be displayed on your Apple Watch Mail app settings.

The above methods should help in resolving the syncing issue on your Apple Watch Mail app.

We have now discussed the “Apple watch mail not syncing with iPhone” issue, and we have found some methods to troubleshoot the same.