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Fix Issue: Outlook 365 Delegate Access Not Working  

You can share your emails with others from the Microsoft Outlook 365 email client in two ways: Folder Sharing and Delegate Access. Folder Sharing enables others to access your emails and folders, but it does not permit them to make changes or move the files and folders. On the other hand, Delegate Access allows others to modify the files, folders, and calendars. The delegate access feature allows many people to access one account on Outlook 365, and sometimes it does not work properly for every user. Read more on the solutions for the Outlook 365 delegate access not working problem.

1. Provide permission on the root folder

  • If others want to access your mail account on Outlook 365, you need to grant permission for the administrator folder.
  • Open the account in the Outlook client and find the Exchange mailbox root folder.
  • Right-click the folder and choose Folder permissions.
  • After that, click the account’s name to which account you want to allow the delegate access while fix the issue Outlook 365 delegate access not working.
  • In the Permissions section, go to the Others menu, and select Folder visible.
  • Save the permission settings by clicking OK.
Outlook 365 delegate access not working

2. Give full permission to delegates

  • Even when permission has been granted to the delegates, sometimes they might not be able to access the email. In such a case, give full permission and check if the delegates can access the email account.
  • Launch the Windows PowerShell on the desktop and input the below command line.
  • Add-MailboxPermission –Identity “Mailbox name” –User “Mailbox Name” –AccessRights FullAccess
  • Now, press the Enter key to run the command. Now check if the delegates could access the mailbox.

3. Add the account 

  • Both users, the manager, and delegates should add each other’s account in their Outlook mail client for smooth operation.
  • In the Outlook window, go to the File menu and select Account Settings.
  • Next, choose the Delegate Access option and click Add.
  • Enter the delegate’s name or click it from the list and select Add.
  • When the Delegate Permissions box opens up, give Calendar permission to the delegate Editor and select OK.And check if the problem Outlook 365 delegate access not working is persist.