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How To Setup Salesforce Outlook Integration?

On this page, you’ll learn how to perform the Salesforce Outlook integration setup.Outlook integration functions like an add-in that allows you to communicate with customer relationship management solutions like Salesforce. Salesforce permits you to access different platforms, including sales, commerce, services, and marketing. If you’re facing trouble in setup salesforce Outlook integration, then perform the step-by-step instructions given below.

Setup Salesforce Outlook Integration

Step 1: Check your system compatibility

  • Step 1:The first step in integrating Salesforce with Outlook is to check your device compatibility.
  • Step 2:Visit the Salesforce page and check the device requirements.
  • Step 3:Make sure that your device satisfies the Salesforce system requirements.

Step 2: Roles required

  • Step 1:To set up Salesforce Outlook integration, you need the following details: Salesforce administrator, a Microsoft Exchange server admin, and the user information (runs the integration within the Outlook application).
  • Step 2:After satisfying the above-mentioned role requirements, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Choose the desired features

  • Step 1:Select the features that you wish to enable in Salesforce while integrating it with the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Step 2:Make sure to consider the features before performing the setup salesforce Outlook integration.

Step 4: Configure Microsoft Exchange server for the Outlook Integration

  • Step 1:Establish a connection between the Microsoft Office add-in and Exchange server version.
  • Step 2:Contact your IT professionals to do it.

Step 5: Enable Outlook Integration in Salesforce

  • Step 1:Go to the Quick Find box of Salesforce.
  • Step 2:Enter the Outlook command.
  • Step 3:From the list, select the Outlook Integration and Sync option.
  • Step 4:Locate and turn on the option that says Let users access Salesforce records from Outlook. If you’re performing the Outlook Integration in a browser, then you need to manually add the domains that you wish to provide access to Salesforce. To do so, go to the Web App Domain section of the Microsoft Outlook and enter it.
  • Step 5:In case you’re using Office 365 on the web domain, allow Salesforce. Similarly, if you’re using the custom Outlook for your web domains, then manually add the domains to the list.

Step 6: Share the Outlook Integration add-in

  • Step 1:Each sales rep needs the Salesforce add-in to use the Outlook integration.
  • Step 2:So, ask your IT professionals to distribute the add-in to the reps using Microsoft Centralized Deployment from the email server.

Step 7: Enable enhanced email and the Outlook integration

The final step of setting up Salesforce Outlook integration is to enable enhanced email and Outlook integration. This will help the sales reps to select the relevant Salesforce records quicker and easier.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup salesforce Outlook integration. If you need remote assistance on performing the same, contact us.