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How To Set Away Message Outlook?

When you are setting up an automatic email, you will know that it is a great way to keep productivity at its peak. You can also have the automatic email set up while you are commuting or while on vacation.  Keep reading this page to know how to Set away message Outlook.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook for work directly from your computer or the mobile app, setting up an away message is an option. Setting up an away message in Outlook is the way to go if you want to choose a specific time for the people to contact you.

Also, having an automated reply can always be useful. The message will help you reach a wider audience when it comes to the business world. You will not have to send a message one by one to each of the customers you have. The away message in Outlook will help in increasing the engagement and will have a more personalized email experience for the recipients.

Set Away Message Outlook

The steps you are going to read are for Outlook 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19.

  • Step 1:Ensure that your computer is turned on.
  • Step 2:Open the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.
  • Step 3:Click the File tab.
  • Step 4:At the bottom of the Accounts Settings option, click Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
  • Step 5:When a dialog box opens, click the radio button for the Send automatic replies option.
  • Step 6:If you wish to choose a time range, click the checkbox for the option.
  • Step 7:Set a Start Time and an End Time from the respective drop-down lists.
  • Step 8:Choose a font size and the font from the drop-down lists.
  • Step 9:Compose a message in the field.
  • Step 10:Once done, click the OK button.
  • Step 11:You have set an away message in Outlook.
  • Step 12:You will get to see a message that says Automatic Replies are being sent for this account.

Follow the steps as described to Set away message Outlook. Click CALL for further assistance.