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How To Send Passwords Securely Via Email?

We use dozens of passwords to log into various software and services. We make use of them for our laptops, workstations, social networks, phones, and in our offices. According to research, the average person needs to remember around 25 to 35 unique logins. Here enters the password manager into the picture. It can be a real issue for people who do not use the password manager. Research data also tells us that around 40% of people forget a password once a week. When individuals forget their passwords, they usually get new ones through emails. So, carry out the below steps to know how to send passwords securely via email.

how to send passwords securely via email

You might be receiving such emails containing your passwords from any source, such as an online service, your IT department, a co-worker, or a contractor. Many people consider sending/receiving passwords through emails a very bad idea.

The contents of the emails you receive are usually unencrypted. So, if somebody intercepts your emails, he/she can easily extract the passwords from them.

Your emails will be passing through several servers and systems before they finally reach you. In case any of the systems are compromised, the passwords in your emails will be revealed to hackers. They will then use your passwords for harmful purposes. Even if you delete your emails, they will still be present in the trash folders or other such places. Furthermore, your emails will be stored locally on your workstations in plain or clear text. Therefore, if they land in the wrong hands, criminals might get access to your passwords (present in those emails).

If a person hacks the password for your email account, he/she can access all the passwords that are emailed to you. This task can be done simply by requesting password resets.

So, we have seen the reasons why sending passwords via emails is considered to be a bad idea. Nevertheless, there are some methods available using which you can send passwords through emails in a protected and secure way. Let us see the steps to know how to send passwords securely via email.

  • The first thing that you should attempt to do is to communicate passwords verbally. You can do this either over the phone or in person. However, if passwords MUST be sent via emails, then continue reading the next section.
  • Sending your passwords through unencrypted emails is very dangerous as far as security is concerned. So, utilize encrypted emails to send passwords.
  • There are many varieties of open source tools using which you can encrypt your emails.
  • For example, tools like Enigmail just require some initial configuration.
  • You can send your passwords using password vault files.
  • A password vault file is an application that allows you to store your usernames, passwords, and addresses in a single file.
  • Such files are both password-protected and encrypted.
  • You can conveniently communicate the password to the vault and then send it to the intended recipient.
  • Yet another method to send your passwords through emails is by providing the recipient with a link. He/she can click on this link, which will then take that person to a secure internal site. The password can then be obtained from that site using the correct code
  • You can send the link to the recipient via email.
  • You have to set the link in such a way that it gets deleted after one view.

We have now discussed the various ways to know how to send passwords securely via email.