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How To Send Encrypted Email?

If you have sensitive information, you can easily encrypt your email messages so that no one will be able to read your emails other than your recipients. It requires authentication to send encrypted email. If you are sending emails through public Wi-Fi networks, you should encrypt emails for security purposes. Encryption makes the content of your emails not readable for someone who is trying to intercept your messages. It also prevents unauthorized users in the same network from reading your email messages.

how to send encrypted email

You can follow the steps that are given below to send encrypting email messages in Outlook. Outlook supports S/MIME encryption and Microsoft 365 Message Encryption.

  • If you are using a newer version of Outlook, go to the File menu and select Options.
  • Select Trust Center and navigate to Trust Center settings.
  • Select Email Security on the left panel of the screen and go to the Encrypted email section.
  • Select Settings and click the Choose option under Certificate and Algorithms.
  • Now, choose the S/MIME certificate and click on the OK button.
  • If you have made an Office 365 subscription, select Options and click Encrypt.
  • Now, choose the Encrypt with S/MIME option from the drop-down list. Otherwise, you can choose the required option from the list.
  • In Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019, select Options and choose Permissions.
  • After adding your recipient email address, subject, and message, click on the Send button.
  • The recipient will receive the encrypted form of the email.               
  • If you want to encrypt all the outgoing messages, select Options.
  • Click Trust Center and navigate to Trust Settings.
  • Under Encrypting email, select the Email Security tab and checkmark the ‘Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages’ box.
  • You can select a certificate under Settings to encrypt all your outgoing email messages.
  • Finally, know how to send encrypted email.