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How To Secure My Google Account?  

Being the most popular email service, Gmail is being used by millions of people around the world. When you sign up for your Gmail account, Google also creates a single account for you to access all of their services. This is known as your Google Account. Each of the services has it's settings and options, and information like the password, two-factor authentication, and other personal data and details are managed through your Google account. Someone snooping around your Google account is quite devastating. It's always good to secure your Google account as it contains a lot of essential information from your financial details to other personal data. On this page, we've provided some quick and hassle-free methods to secure my Google account. Follow the procedures and stay connected safely.

Some quick security checkups

  • Block the person using your account without your permission.
  • Turn off the access for the applications that you useless.
  • Set a strong and unique passcode for your Google account. 
  • Avoid suspicious accounts, emails, or web pages.
Secure My Google Account

Method 1: Enable 2-step verification

  • On your Google account, navigate to Google Account Setting and select Sign-in & security.
  • Click on the Get Started checkbox. You'll be prompted to sign in again and enter the security code sent to your registered email address or mobile number.
  • Click Turn–ON to enable 2-step verification on your Google account. You'll receive a code when you try to log in to your Google account from a new device.

Method 2: Monitor the devices you've logged in

Many a time, you might have logged into your Google account from various devices. In order to check the devices you are logged into, click on Google's device activity page and you'll get a piece of detailed information about the logged-in time and date. Remove the access by clicking the three-dot menu and sign off.

Method 3: Update the application

Accessing your Google Account from an outdated application makes your account vulnerable to threats. Update the application to avoid any suspicious activities on your Google account.

For further assistance to secure my Google account, contact our technical team.