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How To Schedule Mail In Outlook

The Outlook is an Email application developed by Microsoft.The Outlook is also a personal information manager for Microsoft as apart of the Microsoft office suite. The Outlook is also equipped with a calendar, task manager, contact manager, journal, and web browsing and you can schedule mail in outlook before sending a email.

schedule mail in outlook

Here are the steps to schedule an email on Outlook. The following steps are applicable for the Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 versions.

  • Launch your Windows or Mac system.
  • Once done, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Sign in to your Outlook mail account.
  • You can either select a new email to compose or choose an existing mail and choose Reply, forward, or reply all.
  • When the message window opens, click the compose button.
  • In the compose email window, select the Options tab.
  • Locate the option Delay delivery for schedule mail in outlook.
  • A delay directory pop-up window appears; select Properties.
  • Locate the delivery options section and select the do not deliver before the checkbox.
  • Set the date and time at which you want to send the email. Select close.
  • You can now hit Send in the message window.
  • To check if your settings configuration is correct, go to the outbox folder to check for messages that are scheduled to be sent but not yet delivered.
  • You can reschedule the date and time for a specified mail.
  • Select the scheduled email in a separate window and click on options and select Delay delivery.
  • You can reschedule a different date and time to send the email.
  • You can also send a scheduled message immediately.
  • Open the scheduled mail in a separate window
  • Click on the ticked checkbox beside Do not deliver before and close the window.
  • Open the scheduled mail and click on the send option to send the mail immediately.

You can also delay the date and time for all the emails instead of changing them one by one,

  • Open your Outlook in your Windows or Mac.
  • Click the File tab.
  • Navigate to the info tab and select Rules and Alerts option.
  • The Rules and Alerts option will open up a dialog box.
  • Select the Email rules tab and click on New Rule.
  • The rules wizard will now open.
  • Please select the option Apply Rules On Messages I Send under the Start from the bank rule section and click Next.
  • In the select conditions list, make sure you check the options you want to apply to sent messages.
  • You can click all the checkboxes to apply the settings to all emails to send. Select Next.
  • A confirmation box appears to confirm applying the changes.
  • Select the Yes option to apply the rule to the settings.
  • Select the option differ delivery by a number of minutes checkbox.
  • In the deferred delivery box, please enter the number of minutes you want to delay the emails before sending it.
  • You can set a maximum of only 120 minutes. Click the OK option.
  • In the rules wizard, select Next.
  • You can set a description for this rule so it can be used later on if necessary.
  • Select the Turn on the rule checkbox. Click the Finish option finally you complete the schedule mail in outlook.