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How To Schedule An Email In Gmail?

When you are using a Gmail account and want to send an email at a specified time in future, you can schedule an email in Gmail options, which sends the email automatically at the desired time and to the desired person. Follow the below procedure to schedule an email in Gmail account.

Schedule An Email In Gmail

Setting up your email account on the iPhone automatically:

  • Open the computer’s web browser and log in to your Gmail account using the email address and the password.
  • Once your Gmail account opens, open the Chrome Web Store and search for “boomerang for gmail” in the search box and add the extension to chrome.
  • Then, click the Compose button on the left side panel to create a new email.
  • Now, in the New Message window, click the down arrow icon on the Send button and choose the required scheduling option.
  • You can schedule the email to be sent after the given days or weeks or a month, or else you can specify the right time and date by clicking on the calendar symbol in the schedule bar and choosing the right day.
  • After you specify the time and date, click the Schedule recurring message option.
  • If not, click the Confirm button. After it is set, a message stating the message will be sent on this particular ‘day’, ‘date’ and ‘time’ as scheduled using the schedule an email in gmail technique.
How To Schedule An Email In Gmail