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How to Recover Permantely Deleted Emails from Gmail?

If you don’t have access to your email account and want to update or change your existing email address on Facebook, proceed with the steps indicated below and recover permanently deleted emails from gmail.

Recover Permantely Deleted Emails from Gmail
  • In your Gmail account, click Settings.
  • In the top bar, locate the labels option and click it.
  • You will see the Trash folder with these two options:
  • Show
  • Hide
  • Click the Show option.
  • The Trash folder will be displayed on the left side bar.
  • The Trash folder contains all your deleted emails from the past 30 days.

The above steps will help you recover the files that are permanently deleted from Gmail within the last 30 days.

    In case your emails have not been deleted from the Gmail server after deleting them from the Trash folder, you can recover them using these steps:

  • Open your Gmail account. At the top of your browser screen, you will see the Search box.
  • In the Search box, enter the related keywords of your email (that you wish to retrieve).
  • Now, you will find some questions like Date, To, From, and other such details.
  • If you type in the relevant answers, you will find some searches related to your email.
  • You might also find the email itself, i.e. the one you were searching for recover permanently deleted emails from gmail.