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How To Recalling An Email In Outlook?

Have you heard of using Outlook’s built-in feature to recall an email message? Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Yes. Using Outlook’s built-in feature, you can recall an email message. By mistake, if you’ve sent a wrong email message to a recipient, you can recall it, and so the message will be deleted. Follow these guidelines to know how to recalling an email in Outlook.

how to recalling an email in Outlook

Recalling an email in Outlook:

  • Step 1:Initially, launch the Outlook application on your Windows computer.
  • Step 2:Navigate to Sent Items. You’ll find the sent email messages in that folder.
  • Step 3:Search for an email message that you want to recall. Double-click on the message. It opens in a new separate reading pane.
  • Step 4:From there, select the Message tab. From the Actions drop-down, select Recall This Message. The Recall This Message dialog box opens. There are two options available in this dialog box. They are:
  • Delete unread copies of the message

    Delete unread copies and replace with a new message

If you want to delete and replace an email message, you can choose the second option. Or else, go with the first one. You can now also choose to receive notifications if needed. To do that, select the Tell Me if Recall Succeeds or Fails for Each Recipient checkbox.

  • Step 5: Now, select the OK button in the Recall This Message dialog box. Now, you can make changes in an email message.
  • Step 6: Finally, click Send if you want to send a replacement message. A notification is received on your Outlook account.

NOTE: Ensure that your recipient has not opened your email message. The recipient must be using the same email client because recalling an email is done only in Outlook.

The original message will be deleted when you’ve enabled the recalling an email feature on your Outlook account. Most importantly, try to avoid an incorrect email message. But, you need not worry. Since you are an Outlook user, you can use its built-in feature to recall an email. Implement the steps as described above to get the best results. Finally, know how to recalling an email in Outlook.

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