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How To Protect Email From Spam?  

Are you receiving spam emails regularly to your mail-id and scared for your privacy? You need not worry. There is a way to stop spam mails from entering into your email account. Scroll down this page to know how to protect email from spam. Most email service providers ensure that the data shared or transferred between two addresses are secured and protected from spam. However, hackers or spammers find a way to send you an email message that contains malicious attachments. Some email service providers like Google use advanced filters to detect spam emails. If the provider’s filter finds an email containing a malicious attachment, then the email will be marked SPAM by the provider. This helps the user not to open such emails.

How To Protect Email From Spam

Four Simple Ways To Protect Email From Spam

Think Before You Enter

While opening a web page, if you’re prompted to enter your email address to access the page, then try to avoid opening that particular page. Because, most of the time, spammers use this technique to collect your email address. In case you have entered your email address unknowingly, then check whether a new email is received to your account from the unknown address. If yes, delete the mail and block that particular sender id to stop receiving further emails. To protect your account from spam, it is always better to avoid entering your email address publicly. Scroll down this page to know how to protect email from spam.

Think Before You Click

Generally, the email containing malicious contents are marked as SPAM and moved to your account’s Spam folder automatically by the provider. Is there is a way to find the spam emails? Yes, there is a way. Usually, if the mail contains malicious content, their will a hyperlink, and the subject of spam message include the offer of cheap prescription drugs, advertisement on new medicines, etc. If you have accidentally opened the spam message, then avoid clicking or tapping any hyperlink attached with the message.

Avoid Replying To A Spam Message

  • Usually, all the spam messages are from unknown addresses. So, in case you have received any message from an unknown email address, then avoid opening or replying to that message as it may result in a spam attack. Continue reading to know how to protect email from spam
  • Avoid using your email address
  • Most of us might have two email addresses—one for personal and another one for business. If you have ever noticed, some online contest or service will ask you to enter your email address to get updates related to it. In this case, try to avoid entering both your personal and business email addresses.

Use Antivirus or The Spam Filtering Tools

You can find a lot of antivirus and tools online that help you to protect your email from spam. Antivirus software like Kaspersky, Norton, Comodo offer a special feature that helps you to detect, block, and remove spam from your email account. Spam filtering tools also an effective way to protect your email from spam.

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