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Manage multiple twitters accounts at the same email 

If you have no idea on how to Manage multiple Twitter accounts same email address, then this web page will help you.

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, then it might be quite difficult to manage all of them. To avoid this situation, some users try to manage all their Twitter accounts using the same email address. 

But, Twitter doesn’t allow the usage of the same email address for multiple accounts. That means, when you try to add a new account using the email address that is already in use, the following error message will be displayed on the screen: Email has already been taken. 

Now, make use of the methods given below to Manage multiple Twitter accounts same email address.

Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Same Email Address

Method 1: Using Google email address

One of the simple ways to manage all your Twitter account using the same email address is to use a Google email address.

Usually, in Gmail, you can add a dot (.) anywhere in the email address. For example, consider your original Gmail address to be Now, when someone sends an email message to or, the mail is delivered to the original email address


Do you know why it happens? Generally, Gmail ignores the periods. So, you can use this trick to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Twitter will consider as one email address and as another email address.

Method 2: Using the second valid email address

Usually, when you open an email account in Gmail, another valid email address is automatically generated. For example, consider that you have created an account Now, when you open it, another email account that uses the domain will be created automatically. You can use these two email addresses to manage your Twitter account.

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