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How To Introduce Yourself In An Email?

Irrespective of time, email is a common source of communication. The chances of reading your email by the recipient will depend on an introductory so for, introduce yourself in an email. The guidelines available on this web page will help you know how to introduce yourself when you are writing to the recipient for some professional reasons.

Subject line:

  • Before the recipient opens the email, they should have a good idea about what the email is about.
  • To give a clear overall idea about the email, you have to enter a clear subject line.
  • Keep the subject line short. The characters of the subject line should be between 25 and 30 characters.
  • Try to fill the Subject field first because you may forget to fill this field.


  • Instead of greeting with Hi or Hello, it is better to use business salutation such as Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. followed by the last name.
  • Avoid the first name of the recipient in the salutation.
  • If you do not know the marital status of the recipient, use Ms. In the salutation.

First sentence:

  • In the first sentence of the email, you must introduce yourself to the recipient.
  • Start with My name is and followed by your name.
introduce yourself in an email

How you get the recipients email address?

  • You can specify how you got the email address of the recipient concisely.
  • So, they will know that you have contacted them through the proper channels for introduce yourself in an email.
  • The scenario through which you reach the recipient might be a website, or as per your higher official’s suggestion.
  • Also, you can mention the place where you have met them recently in a single line.
  • This will help the recipient to recall the topics which you have discussed in that meeting.

About recipient:

  • For Incoming mail (IMAP) port, enter 993 for TLS or SSL connection and 143 for no encrypted connection.
  • To connect using SSL encryption, check next to “This server requires a secure connection (SSL).” for make a better introduce yourself in an email
  • Navigate to the IMAP tab and uncheck the Store Special Folders box.
  • If you are prompted to download folders, click Yes.
  • Select Apply to successfully save and configure the settings.

Reasons to send an email to the recipient:

  • State the reason why you have contacted the recipient.
  • Make sure to convey your ideas to the point because no one likes to read a full paragraph with patience.
  • Be clear and straightforward about what you have wanted to convey to the recipient.


  • It is mandatory to thank the recipient for reading the email that you have sent.
  • This will increase the chances of getting a response from the recipient soon.

Call back:

  • Navigate to the IMAP tab and uncheck the Store Special Folders box.

End of the email:

  • End the professional some grateful salutations such as sincerely, thank you, warm/kind regards, best.
  • Do not use the following ending salutations.
    • Yours truly
    • Sincerely yours
    • Cheers
    • Thank you for your consideration


  • Type your signature, name, title, and contact information for introduce yourself in an email.
  • Keep this simple and precise. So that it will be easy for the recipient to contact you.
  • Do not include quotes in the signature field for the professional email.


  • Before sending the email, read it once to correct the mistakes, if any.
  • Since, this email will be the first impression of you to the recipient. Make sure to leave a good impression to the recipient.
  • The email will be less professional if it contains silly spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Try to read the email a couple of times and rectify those errors and then complete the introduce yourself in an email.