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How To Install Protonmail Bridge Linux?

To access your ProtonMail email account in your desktop email client, you must install the ProtonMail Bridge app on your device and add your account to it. Installing the Protonmail bridge Linux is quite a task for new Linux users, but it is not an impossible task. If you're a regular user of ProtonMail and want to use your account on your Linux device, follow the steps given in this article to install ProtonMail Bridge in Linux.

Protonmail Bridge Linux

You can install ProtonMail Bridge in Linux using,

  • Step 1:a DEB file
  • Step 2:an RPM file
  • Step 3:a PKGBUILD file

How to Install ProtonMail Bridge in Linux using a DEB file

  • Step 1:The first step is to download the DEB file from the official ProtonMail site.
  • Step 2:Now, open the terminal on your Linux device and enter the following command to verify the installation package and begin the installation.sudo apt-get install debsig-verify debian-keyring
  • Step 3:Once the command execution has been completed, download the public key bridge_pubkey.gpg from the official ProtonMail site.
  • Step 4:Enter the following commands to import the downloaded public key into the keyring.gpg --dearmor --output debsig.gpg bridge_pubkey.gpg sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07 sudo mv debsig.gpg /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07
  • Step 5:Download the policy file bridge.pol and install it using the below command. sudo mkdir -p /etc/debsig/policies/E2C75D68E6234B07 sudo cp bridge.pol /etc/debsig/policies/E2C75D68E6234B07
  • Step 6:Now, enter the debsig-verify protonmail-bridge_1.2.6-1_amd64.deb check the running DEB file. If the check is successful, then you will see the following message: debsig: A verified package from'' Proton Technologies AG (ProtonMail Bridge developers)'' (Proton Technologies AG)
  • Step 7:Install the package using your package manager. Make sure to enter the correct version in the command. You can verify the version from the downloaded file. sudo apt-get install ./protonmail-bridge_1.2.6-1_amd64.deb. And install the Protonmail bridge Linux.

How to Install ProtonMail Bridge in Linux using an RPM file

  • Step 1:Download the RPM package and the public key bridge_pubkey.gpg to the present working directory from the official ProtonMail site.
  • Step 2:By entering the below command, import the public key into the RPM keyring :sudo rpm --import bridge_pubkey.gpg
  • Step 3:Check the downloaded RPM package file by running the rpm --checksig protonmail-bridge-1.2.6-1.x86_64.rpm command. If the check is successful, you should see the following message: protonmail-bridge-1.2.6-1.x86_64.rpm: digests signatures OK
  • Step 4:Finally, run the below command to install the RPM package using your package manager. Make sure you mention the correct version of the downloaded Bridge file. dnf install protonmail-bridge-1.2.6-1.x86_64.rpm for Protonmail bridge Linux.

How to Install ProtonMail Bridge in Linux using a PKGBUILD file

Using a PKGBUILD will automatically download and install the latest version of ProtonMail Bridge on your Linux computer. To install Bridge using the PKGBUILD file, follow these steps:

  • Step 1:Create and enter a build folder using this command. mkdir /tmp/build && cd /tmp/build
  • Step 2:After creating the build folder, download the PKGBUILD file from the official website. You can also download the PKGBUILD file using the command given below. wget
  • Step 3:Now, extract and install the package. makepkg -s --install

For more assistance to install Protonmail bridge Linux, contact our technical support.