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How To Get Grammarly For Thunderbird Mail?

Grammarly For Thunderbird Mail


  • Step 1:Grammarly is a tool that is used to check grammar and analyze your content, such as blogs, articles, essays, web page content, or any writeups. It can also be used to check emails that you write in Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL. To check your emails, you have to install the Grammarly extension on your browser. You can check your emails directly with Grammarly in Thunderbird. Scroll down this page to know how to get Grammarly for Thunderbird mail.
  • Step 2:Grammarly doesn’t support integration with Apple Mail, the Airmail app, or Mozilla Thunderbird. For these mails, you can copy the text of your email and use the Grammarly Editor to check the grammar for your emails. After checking, copy the text of your email and paste it into your email client.

Grammar Checker for Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email client and if you want to check grammar for emails, use the Grammar Checker Add-ons. It checks grammar using LanguageTool. You can download it from its manufacturer website.Note: Make sure to use the most recent version of the Grammar Checker Add-ons.

Spellchecker in Thunderbird

You can check your spelling in emails on Thunderbird. For this, carry out the step-by-step instructions given on this page.

Step 1

Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird email client on your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to Menu and select the Preferences option.

Step 3

  • Step 1:Click the Composition tab in the left panel.
  • Step 2:In the main panel, navigate to the Spelling section.
  • Step 3:Select the Enable spellcheck as you type checkbox.
  • Step 4:This will enable the Spellchecker feature in the Thunderbird email client.

Step 4

  • Step 1:To set the spellcheck dictionary, click the Language drop-down menu and choose the English (United States) option.

Step 5

  • Step 1:When you compose an email, you can enable the inline spellchecker. To do this, click the Options tab and choose the Spellcheck As You Type option.
  • Step 2:Now onwards, you can send an email message without any grammatical errors once you get Grammarly for Thunderbird mail.