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How To Fix Yandex Mail Error Code 3?

Although Yandex mail is the safe and smartest way to communicate, you may receive the Yandex mail error code 3, which will not allow you to send emails. You may receive the error when your registration of the domain has expired or due to invalid delegation settings. You may also receive the error if you are blocked by the registrar to access the domain.

Proceed with the steps given below to fix the Yandex mail error code 3 occurring on your device.

Yandex Mail Error Code 3
  • If you are continuously receiving Yandex mail error code 3, try logging in to Yandex mail from a different browser.
  • Go to Account Settings and check if the account is secure.
  • If the “Your account is insufficiently secure” message appears, complete the full registration process of the Yandex mail account.
  • Add your phone number and other required information to complete the registration process.
  • Validate that you are not a robot to stop receiving the error. 
  • You can configure the DKIM signature and SPF record for your domain to avoid getting marked as spam.
  • If the DKIM signature and SPF record settings are configured, the email recipient can check the sources of the message, whether it is from a trustable sender.
  • Go the Administration page of Yandex mail and select the DKIM Signature tab.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions to configure DKIM Signature while fixing the Yandex mail error code 3.
  • To configure the SPF record, create a TXT record with the server’s list to send email from your domain.
  • In case you have configured the settings already, contact the support team for the email where your messages are marked as spam.
  • If your emails are not yet delivered, and you receive the error Callout verification failed or 550 failed to meet SPF requirements, ask the recipient’s mail server admin to switch your domain to the whitelist.
  • Enter the correct account details in the Yandex account to fix the Yandex mail error code 3 issue. If your credentials are wrong, your mailbox will be blocked, and you won’t be able to send mails.