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Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15

Yahoo is one of the leading email clients at present next to Gmail and is widely used across the globe. It offers more features that are rarely found in other email-based services. The users have to deal with a few Yahoo mail errors. Though there are a lot of Yahoo Mail problems, it is the Yahoo Mail error code 15 that occurs and bothers the users regularly. The Yahoo error 15 is a temporary error, and in most cases, the issue is resolved as time progresses. At times, you may come to a standstill when there are other instances in which the situation becomes more troublesome due to the issue.

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15
  • Amongst a series of other errors, the 15-error code is a temporary problem, which is commonly faced by the users of Yahoo Mail. 
  • It stops the user from accessing their Yahoo email account and slows down the system and other files opened in the order as well. 
  • As per the technical experts, the issue can arise due to several reasons. And, only if you have identified the reason, you will be able to resolve the issue permanently.

Some common reasons for the Yahoo Error code 15 are:

  • Many programs are open and running at the same time
  • Unwanted programs are installed
  • The Registry is corrupt
  • RAM Declination

Follow the directions given below to resolve the yahoo mail temporary error 15.

  • First, you are supposed to log out from the Yahoo Mail account
  • You need to make sure Yahoo supports the Operating System or the browser that you are using now
  • Meanwhile, try to clear all the cache and cookies from the browser’s history.
  • Close the browser from which you are trying to access your Yahoo email.
  • After a few seconds, open the browser once again.
  • Now, go to the Yahoo Mail Login web page.
  • Enter the credentials to sign in to the account
  • Check if the Error 15 is resolved in your Yahoo account.