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Fix Issue: Yahoo Mail Settings Not Working 

Yahoo Mail is one of the popular email service providers and it works exactly like the other top-class email services. But that doesn’t mean the users do not face any issue in accessing their Yahoo mail account. At times, it encounters server and other technical issues, which can make the mail service unresponsive. Read more to know why yahoo mail settings not working and how to fix the problem.

Yahoo mail settings not working

1. Verify if the account works

  • If you want to fix the yahoo mail settings not working issue there is a way to verify the account condition is to log in to the Yahoo Mail account from a browser.
  • When the account opens up, select the Compose icon, and create a new email message.
  • Go to the To field, enter your email address, and send it.
  • After a few minutes, refresh the page to see the email in the Inbox folder which you sent.
  • If the email arrives, there is no problem with your Yahoo mail account and the settings. If it doesn’t, then the mail account needs troubleshooting.
  • Proceed with the below solutions to get out of the problem.

2. Check the mail server settings

  • If you are using a third-party email application to access the Yahoo Mail account, check if the mail server settings are correct.
  • See if the incoming mail server --- POP3 or IMAP --- and the outgoing mail server SMTP have the proper server address, port number, and security type.
  • Even after configuring the server settings, if there is no change with the server settings issue, then remove the Yahoo mail account from the email application.
  • Close the application, restart it later, and add the account once again.

3. Disable the security programs 

  • The security programs on the system, such as firewall, antivirus tools, and other security software can block the ports of the mail servers.
  • Turn off all the security settings temporarily and try to access the Yahoo mail account.
  • Send an email to your account to check the email server status and also yahoo mail settings not working issue.