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How To Fix Xfinity Email Problems?  

Comcast provides the free Xfinity email service along with internet subscription. Even if you stop using the internet service, you can use the email account. You can also use your Xfinity email account on any third-party email client. At times, you may face problems like email delivery failure, authentication failure, server connection failure, spam attack, and many more. Here, we will be discussing a few Xfinity email problems and the solutions to fix them.

Xfinity email problems

Problem-1: Email remains undelivered

  • When you send an email, it should move to the Sent folder if it is successfully delivered. Sometimes, the email gets blocked and will not be delivered.
  • There is a possibility that the outgoing email server settings might be wrong or your IP address might be included in the Spam emails list. 
  • Open the Mail Server settings of the email account and check the settings such as server address, port number, authentication, and encryption type help to avoid the Xfinity email problems
  • If your account is blocked or recognized as a spam, then you need to contact the Comcast customer support and submit a removal request.

Problem-2: Server connection failed

  • When you send an email, if the error message saying that the server connection failed appears, then it is due to incorrect server settings.
  • While you access your Xfinity email account on an email client application, you have to set the server settings properly.
  • Log in to your email account on the client app and open the server settings.
  • Check the incoming and outgoing mail server settings. 
  • The Xfinity email account’s server settings for the Mail app are shared below.

    Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

  • User Name: Your Xfinity email address
  • Password: Email account password
  • Host Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

  • Account: Comcast
  • User Name: Your Xfinity email address
  • Password: Email account password
  • Host Name:
  • The server information for other email clients is available on the official Xfinity webpage.
  • After configuring the server settings, close the app and re-launch it.
  • Try to send the email again.

Problem-3: Login error

  • If you cannot log into the email account, verify if you are using the valid email address and password.
  • Try to fill in the email address and password manually without using the browser’s Auto-fill.
  • ow, check if the issue Xfinity email problems are solved.