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How To Fix Wordpress Spam Mail Problem? 

You might have come across the spam error if you have ever tried to send an email using the WordPress website. When you have sent an email, it automatically gets into your Spam folder. The error Wordpress spam mail problem could occur due to incorrect email settings or your email account being spammed. There are quite a few steps with which you can get the problem solved in no time. Follow one or more methods described below to get the problem resolved.


  • Before proceeding to the other methods, you must test if you are able to send an Email. 
  • You can make use of the WordPress plugin called the Check Email.
  • The plugin will help you test your email connection and see if it is working.
  • Enter the WordPress Official URL in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • When the WordPress page opens, click the plugins option on the left side of the page.
  • In the search bar, type Check Email and press the Enter button to solve the issue Wordpress spam mail problem.
  • Click the Download button located next to it.
  • Once the tool is set up, locate and click the Test Email option.
  • In the Send a test email section, enter the email address and click Send test email button located at the bottom of the window.


  • Content is the key everywhere. If you want the receiver to know that the email is from you, make sure you enter your information in the from field.
  • This will make sure your subscribers get the mail from you.
  • Make sure to enter a footer. The footer will make your email look more professional and will make the users believe it’s coming from a genuine sender. 
  • You have to avoid the usage of more words or more media. 
  • Make sure the email has an average mix of word content and image content.
  • One more common reason why your emails are spammed is the use of unwanted keywords. 
  • Many users will have their filter option enabled for keywords like prize, gambling, money, Offer, or Discount. The emails with such words will make their entry into the spam folder easily.
  • Make sure to avoid using such words and stick to your original content to avoid the Wordpress spam mail problem.


  • Do not use the PHP configuration that is the default in WordPress.
  • You can see better results with the use of the SMTP settings for WordPress email.
  • You have to activate the SMTP plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Open the WordPress dashboard and select the Settings option.
  • Select  WP Mail SMTP to activate.
  • Click the Mail tab and enter the following information in the respective fields.
  • From Email: Your email address.
  • From Name: Your name; the receivers can identify you easily.
  • Return Path: In case the email does not get delivered, you can click the checkbox to send a bounce notification


  • If you have an email being returned back to you because of the file size being too large, you have to avoid the mistakes.
  • There are two types of bounced errors: Soft and Hard emails.
  • The Soft bouncers are common and are temporary, and occurs if the mailbox is full or unavailable.
  • Hard bounce errors are dangerous. Those emails cannot be recovered since the email address might not exist so the Wordpress spam mail problem is occurred.
Wordpress spam mail problem