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Issue: Verizon Email To Text Not Working 

Verizon email to text not working

The Problematic Scenario:

You run a business and you have an online system in place. This online system sends daily reminders to your customers. Some of them opt for text messages. Your system sends an email to the mobile number so that your email is received as text by your customers but sometimes that the Verizon email to text not working.

Now the customers who are using Verizon services are unable to receive the reminders. But those using other services are able to get the reminder messages. You have already checked and confirmed that your reminders are going out, but they are not getting received. You just want to find out the reason behind this issue.

The Solution to the Problematic Scenario:

  • Vtext does not support sending large volumes of messages any longer. In case you have to send group messages, you can make use of Verizon Messages and Enterprise Messaging (for business purposes).
  • Therefore, we need to understand that Verizon has stopped supporting bulk emails to SMS some time back.

We have now seen the issue of your Verizon email to text not working. We have also seen the reason behind the problem.