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Fix The Issue Phone Battery Draining Fast  

Nowadays, everyone seems to be busy with their smartphone and spend most of their time using it. This is one of the major reasons for the mobile phone battery draining fast than usual. When connected to the internet, the mobile phone’s battery power is consumed by a lot of processes like Wi-Fi signals, display panel, and so on.This web page contains instructions on how to fix the phone battery draining problem.

phone battery draining fast

Screen brightness:

  • A smartphone consumes more battery power when the screen brightness is too high. The size and resolution of the display panel are the key factors in draining battery power.
  • Adjust the screen brightness and always maintain it as low.
  • Also, reduce the time of the display screen. Staying idle for a long time reduces battery power.
  • If you use an Android mobile phone, open the Settings application and select the Display option.
  • Set the brightness level.
  • Tap the Screen Timeout option and choose the minimum number of seconds it help to avoid the issue phone battery draining fast.


  • Keeping the Wi-Fi turned on for a long time is not good for the battery life.
  • The phone keeps on searching for a wireless network if the connected network is not found.
  • If the phone is not connected to any network, turn off the Wi-Fi option.


  • The phone vibrates or plays the notification sound when you receive emails, messages, or any other updates.
  • Constantly receiving notifications could also drain the battery.
  • Try to cut down the number of alerts and requests.

Background applications:

  • Some applications run in the background and use data. These applications consume the phone’s battery power a lot.
  • To reduce the usage of the background application, navigate to Settings and tap the Battery option.
  • Search for the application that consumes battery more and disable its background activity.

Cell reception:

  • If you live in an area where you get a bad cell phone reception, then definitely your phone’s battery charge would drain faster.
  • If the above-mentioned steps do not fix the battery draining problem, the battery might be faulty.
  • Get assistance from our technical experts.
  • To contact them to solve the Issue phone battery draining fast, click the Call button given here.