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Fix The Issue: Iphone Showing No Service  

While using your iPhone to message or call, if you see the message “iPhone showing no service” on the screen, it means that the phone is not connected to any network. Without a network service, you cannot text or call or use the internet on your mobile phones. There are several reasons behind this message, so read more to know the steps to try when the iPhone is showing the No Service message.

iPhone showing no service

Solution-1: Move to another location

  • If you are in the basement or inside a small room, then move out of the place.
  • Come out to an open space and check if the service network is back.
  • Move the iPhone to locations where the signal regains its strength.
  • In some cases, like in woods or on a hill, the service would be weak. Moving to a different location might not help in this case and to solve the issue iPhone showing no service.

Solution-2: Check with the network provider

  • The network provider service may not be up to the standard you paid for. So contact the network provider or carrier and inform the service status.
  • If you have not recharged or paid for the carrier, the connection gets stopped. After recharging, connect with the customer support to start the service.

Solution-3: Reset the network settings

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone and select the General menu.
  • Following that, choose Reset. Then select the Reset Network Settings option.
  • If a prompt appears on the screen, confirm the action and proceed to reset.
  • Once the reset is done, wait and check if the service is available.

Solution-4: Update the device software & carrier settings

  • The old iPhone software can cause the service issue, so update the software.
  • When there is no service on your mobile, you cannot turn on the internet connection. So use a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet.
  • Navigate to Settings, choose General, and select Software Update.
  • Wait until the iPhone software gets updated.
  • Next, navigate to the General menu in the Settings app and tap About.
  • When the carrier settings update menu shows up, select it to update the settings that help to avoid the issue iPhone showing no service.