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Issues Solved: Outlook Delayed Delivery Not Working  

Learn how to configure Zoho Mail using IMAP settings on Android, iPhone, and Outlook from the procedures given on this page.Zoho Mail is mainly designed for personal and normal business usage. This email service aids users to send emails within the organization and to personal contacts for business or personal purposes.Scroll down this page to know how to configure Zoho Mail using the IMAP settings.Before getting into the configuration procedure, let’s see the IMAP settings of Zoho Mail. Scroll down this page to solve the Outlook delayed delivery not working issue.

In Outlook, you can compose an email and schedule it to send later using the Delay Delivery option. In case the composed email remains in the Outbox folder even after the scheduled delay period, then it might be due to two main causes. They are: 

  • Outlook runs in Cached Exchange mode 
  • Outlook has failed to run at the scheduled time of the deferred delivery 

If Outlook delay delivery is not working, check whether the Do not deliver before option is enabled. If yes, disable it since this option blocks the delay delivery feature from working properly.

Outlook Delayed Delivery Not Working

Disable “Do Not Deliver Before”

  • Launch the Outlook app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to the Options tab.
  • Now, you can find three menus, namely Save Sent Item To, Delay Delivery, and Direct Replies To, in the More Options section.
  • Click on the Delay Delivery menu.
  • Now, the Properties dialog box for Delay Delivery will open.
  • Locate the Do not deliver before option and disable it by unchecking the box beside it.
  • Choose the date & time and click Send. Close the Properties dialog box.
  • Open the Outbox folder after the delivery time and check whether the composed email is sent.

If your Outlook application is in the Cached Exchange mode, then you need to enable the Do not deliver before option when the Outlook application is in Online mode. 

Configure Your Outlook Account Correctly

  • Check if the Outlook delayed delivery not working issue is resolved. If not, check whether you have configured your Outlook account correctly.
  • Re-add your account if you find the account has been misconfigured.
  • While re-configuring your account, make sure to enter the server settings (incoming and outgoing) correctly.
  • After configuring your account, relaunch the Outlook application and compose an email message.

Quick Steps To Set Delay Delivery or Schedule Sending Email In Outlook

  • Compose a new email that you want to send.
  • Locate the Send button and click on the drop-down menu beside it.
  • Select the Send Later option.
  • Choose the desired date and time and click Send.
  • The composed email will be sent within the set time.

Still if the Outlook delayed delivery not working, then contact our technical experts to resolve this issue.