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Solved: Gmail Stuck On Syncing Mail

There are times when you will not have the required emails in a long time, and it can be quite a fix. Gmail stuck in syncing mail is one such problem you are bound to face when using Gmail. There is one simple solution to fix the problem, a restart of the computer or the android device. When Gmail is stuck on syncing mail, it usually means there is a storage problem with the device. The problem with Gmail taking a longer time to complete the sync can be because of a number of issues and it is tough to circle out one.We are now going to see the different methods on how to fix the Gmail stuck on syncing mail and help you with the process.

Gmail Stuck On Syncing Mail

Method 1: Restart Your Device

The restart can always be the default method to start with. A simple restart can be the root fix to most of the problems.

  • Step 1:Restart your Windows computer.
  • Step 2:Wait for the computer to restart.
  • Step 3:Now log in or sign in to your Gmail account in the default browser.
  • Step 4:If you are syncing through the Gmail app on your smartphone, press, and hold on to the Power button.
  • Step 5:Wait for the screen to turn off and then turn on again (the process will take less than a minute).
  • Step 6:When the screen goes on, release the Power button.

Method 2: Turn Off And Turn On Sync

This method is practically like a switchboard to see if the electrical device is working.

  • Step 1:Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Step 2:On the corner of the browser, click the Profile option.
  • Step 3:Now you will have to log in to your Google account.
  • Step 4:Click the Turn Off button and then click Turn On. now, check that your Gmail stuck on syncing mail issue os solved.

Method 3: Phone Settings

  • Step 1:Make sure the Android phone is connected to the internet.
  • Step 2:Tap the Settings icon on your Android phone.
  • Step 3:Select the Network & Internet option and turn off the Airplane Mode (if On).

Method 4: Gmail And Phone Sync Option

  • Step 1:Open the Gmail app.
  • Step 2:Tap on the Three- Lined icon on the left side of the app, then select the Settings option.
  • Step 3:Select your Gmail account.
  • Step 4:Make sure that the checkbox is checked or selected for the option Sync Gmail.
  • Step 5:Tap or select the Settings icon on your Android phone.
  • Step 6:Select the Users & Accounts option.
  • Step 7:Select the option Automatically sync data.

Method 5: Storage

  • Step 1:When Gmail is stuck on syncing mail, it can also mean that the device is running out of storage.
  • Step 2:When it comes to Android OS, you have to make sure you have all the unwanted apps removed from the device. And the issue Gmail stuck on syncing mail is now fixed.