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Solved: Em Client Not Receiving Emails

eM Client is one of the well-known and near-perfect email clients. It has the capability to centralize all of your email accounts so that you can access your important data easily and quickly. Using eM Client, you can also conveniently integrate well-known apps, like Facebook. eM Client is a fantastic email client for Windows users, but many of them report that it does not receive emails properly. Sometimes, there is a problem with receiving emails while emails can be sent without any hurdles. Scroll down this page to solve the Em client not receiving emails issue.

Em Client Not Receiving Emails

On this page, we shall see how to fix the eM Client not receiving mails issue.

  • Step 1:Try using webmail This l only be a temporary solution you can use until you fix the problem at hand. If eM Client does not receive emails, the problem might be related to the application or its settings. In such a scenario, you can try using webmail for the time being. Since all of the major email providers offer webmail, you can easily switch over to webmail temporarily until the issue is resolved.
  • Step 2:Checking your antivirus and firewall One of the most common causes of the eM Client not receiving mails issue is your antivirus software. To rectify this problem, check to see if eM Client is added to the exclusions list on your antivirus and firewall.Try disabling certain antivirus features and then check whether that fixes the issue. If this step fails to work, try disabling your antivirus completely. The worst-case scenario will be removing/uninstalling the antivirus from your system. Many users have stated that Eset Smart Security or Kaspersky installed on your system could lead to the “not receiving emails” problem while using eM Client. Once these programs were removed, the problem was solved. Other antivirus software could also cause issues, and so, even if you are not utilizing Eset Smart Security or Kaspersky, try uninstalling the antivirus you are currently using.If removing the antivirus fixes the eM Client not receiving emails problem, you have to switch over to a different antivirus.
  • Step 3:Try changing port numbers Several users have complained about issues they encounter while using eM Client and Gmail. In most cases, the problem is associated with the incoming port (IMAP or POP) you are using for your email account configured in eM Client. So, verify the port you have configured and check whether the eM Client not receiving mails issue is resolved.
  • Step 4:Modifying the update frequency The following is a scenario that prevails on rare occasions:If you have set up eM Client to check for emails too frequently, the problem under discussion might crop up. The issue might especially occur if you have configured eM Client to check for new email messages more than once every 10 minutes. If you find that this is the reason behind the entire issue, you need to alter the update frequency in eM Client. Once you have done that task, check if the eM Client not receiving emails problem is solved.
  • Step 5:Updating eM Client Users have found that many problems with eM Client were solved after they updated the client. An outdated version of eM Client might very well be the reason behind the current issue.eM Client is equipped with the facility to update itself automatically. However, you can check for updates manually too.

The above methods should be sufficient to resolve the eM Client not receiving emails issue.