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How To Fix Socket Error 10060 Windows Live Mail? 

If the socket error 10060 Windows live mail, you can be sure that there is a server issue. You will receive the error if the destination server connection has timed out. The error usually occurs on email clients like Outlook and Windows Live Mail. When you receive the error, you may not be able to send or receive emails using Windows Live Mail. The error might also be caused by incorrect email settings, authentication settings, firewalls, viruses, or malware.

socket error 10060 Windows live mail

You can fix the socket error 10060 occurring on the Windows Live Mail by following the ways given below.

  • In case you are using multiple Antivirus software, it may lead to this type of error. It is advised to keep only one Antivirus software on your computer.
  • Disable any firewall active on your computer and see if the socket error 10060 Windows live mail occurs again.
  • Verify whether your internet connection is uninterrupted.
  • If you have any network issues, resolve them by contacting your Internet Service Provider.
  • Check the POP3 and SMTP server settings, make sure they are correct.
  • Ensure that the SMTP port number you have entered is correct.
  • Make sure that you have set the correct server address for your email provider.
  • Launch Windows Live Mail and right-click on your account from the left panel.
  • Select the Properties option and go to the Advanced section.
  • Select the My Server requires authentication option.
  • You can set the correct settings of the ISP and go to the General section to view the server addresses. Now, click the Apply button.
  • Now, try sending emails to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • Run a full system scan on your computer using an Antivirus software.
  • Remove any viruses, spyware, adware, Trojan, or malware present on your computer.
  • Launch the Run dialog box and type “inetcpl.cpl” and click OK.
  • In the Internet Properties window, deselect the Use a proxy for your LAN option and select OK. The socket error 10060 Windows live mail will be cleared.