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How To Fix SMTP error code 0x800CCC60?  

The SMTP error code 0x800CCC60 is a common error encountered by most of the Mail users while they send an email message. Perform the quick and simple solutions given below to resolve this error.

SMTP error code 0x800CCC60

For Windows Live Mail:

  • Initially, make sure that you have configured your email account correctly because, in most cases, this error occurs due to incorrect POP settings.
  • Check if your computer’s firewall is blocking the mail server ports. If yes, disable the firewall feature temporarily and then try to send the email.
  • Similarly, disable the security software installed on your computer temporarily.
  • If required, reconfigure your email account in Windows Live Mail. While reconfiguring your account, make sure to enter the account details correctly. 
  • Check if the emails that you have sent is stuck in the Outbox folder. If yes, delete it. 

After performing the above instructions, try to send the email message.

For Outlook:

If you encounter the SMTP error code 0x800CCC60 in the Outlook, then perform the below methods to resolve it.

Method 1: Check your Account Settings

  • Launch Outlook. Go to the Tools menu.
  • Select Account Settings followed by the account in which you are encountering the issue.
  • Click More Settings.
  • Check whether the account settings are correct.
  • Make sure that your account’s port number is correct.

Method 2: Disable Firewall

Sometimes, the security software or the firewall installed on your computer may cause this error. To resolve it, disable the firewall feature or the antivirus software temporarily on your computer.

  • Open the security software or firewall.
  • Go to the Advanced Setting options.
  • Check if the Outlook application is blocked.
  • If yes, unblock it and then try to send the email message.
  • If the SMTP error code 0x800CCC60 persists, try the next method.

Method 3: Unblock your IP address

In case your IP address is blocked by the firewall or the antivirus software, then this error may occur. To fix it, unblock your IP address.

  • First, identify your IP address using sites like whatismyipaddress.
  • Following that, open Firewall and go to the Blocked or Blacklisted column.
  • If the IP address is blocked, then unblock or remove it.
  • Click Save.

Now, try to send the email message.

If the SMTP error code 0x800CCC60 persists, then contact our technical experts for other solutions.