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Fix The Issue: Slow Connection to Mail Server  

In case you are sending messages via your own mail server and the process is taking a longer (than necessary) time, please follow the instructions given below to solve the issue slow connection to mail server

slow connection to mail server
  • First, check your internet connection. If it runs at full speed, you don’t have to worry. If not, then you need to take steps to solve the slow connection to mail server issue and increase the speed of your internet connection.
  • While you send email messages, the upload bandwidth is much more important than the download bandwidth. There are several websites available that could help you check your upload bandwidth.
  • You can also obtain a rough estimate of your upload bandwidth by performing a speed test.
  • Please contact your mail server administrator and check if they are implementing a method known as “tarpitting” or “throttling.” This is a tactic that your mail server uses to slow down intentionally. When you continuously keep sending more mails, the mail server will adopt this technique to avoid spam or to contain your account within the quota.
  • Important Note: Some of the mail servers will let you exceed your quota for a short while. In case you are continuously sending messages and exceeding your quota, these mail servers will “throttle” your connection.
  • Try reducing the size of your email messages. If your messages are longer, the time taken to send them will also be extended. To shrink your messages, you can remove the large attachments and host them online.
  • For instance, instead of sending a huge attachment (that is of more than 1 MB), you can provide a link on your mail that will take your recipient to the corresponding file.
  • Try reducing the size of the images sent to your recipient. Usually, your image size should be less than 100 KB.

We have now discussed the “slow connection to mail server” issue. We have also seen some tips and techniques that would help in resolving the issue.