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How To Fix Samsung Email App Problems? 

The Samsung mobiles come with a default Email app, which is an email client similar to Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. You can add any email account to the Email app and configure each mail account separately. The app may not work as expected when it encounters some issues. Read more to know the Samsung email app problems and the different methods to resolve them.

1. Email app not responding

  • When you open the Email app and try to access the emails, if the app does not respond, try out the below-mentioned measures.
  • Launch the Email app and tap the hamburger icon at the top corner.
  • Select the Settings icon and then choose Manage accounts.
  • Next, tap your email account and then the Sync Settings option.
  • If the sync option is turned off, select the toggle button of Sync Email to enable the email sync on the Email app.
  • Navigate to the Sync schedule menu and set the appropriate sync schedule settings.
  • Save the changes made and return to the main screen of the Email app.
Samsung email app problems

2. App not working

  • If the Email app is not working, then clear the cache memory of the app and retry to access the app.
  • Open the Settings app on the mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the Apps menu. Now, a list of apps can be seen on the screen.
  • From the list, select the Email app and tap the Storage menu.
  • Click the Clear Cache option to erase the cache memory of the Email app.
  • Return to the Settings menu, and go to the Device Maintenance menu.
  • Tap the Storage menu and select Clean Now to clean the device storage.
  • Again, restart the mobile and see if the Email app fine and check the email app problems.

3. If the email account is a problem

  • Use the below steps to remove and re-add the email account.
  • Launch the Settings app on the mobile phone and select the Accounts and backup menu.
  • Now, tap the Accounts menu and select your email account.
  • Choose the Remove account option and continue to remove the email account.
  • Restart the mobile device. Now, navigate to the Settings app and add the email account again.
  • Ensure all the email account information you are entering is correct and verify if the Email app is working if it is done you complted the Samsung email app problems.