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How To Fix Postmaster Email Delivery Failure? 

Zimbra is a mail server application. It is open-source mail server having community version and network edition (license version-paid version). Zimbra can be used as the mail server for creating the domain and also fix the error postmaster emai delivery failure, user, distribution list, managing all mail server activities.

A "POP3 email delivery failure" is a common error message that occurs due to various reasons. Some significant causes of this error are mentioned below.

  • The incorrect email address of the recipient.
  • Error due to the recipient's mail server.
  • Exceeding the size limits of an email.
  • If your recipient blocks your email address or marks it as a spam email.
  • Malware attack or phishing email.
  • SMTP server failure.
  • If your firewall blocks you from sending emailsyou will getting error postmaster emai delivery failure .
Postmaster Email Delivery Failure 

Carry out these steps to fix the postmaster email delivery failure:

  • Open your email account and mark all the postmaster email delivery failure emails as spam.
  • This will move the delivery failure email to the Spam folder if you receive it the next time.
  • Make a scheduled period to delete all the spam emails from the Spam folder. 
  • Check whether the recipient's email address is valid before sending the emails.
  • You can use a third-party mail checker to verify the recipient's email addresses.
  • Do not exceed the size limit of your email.
  • Different email servers provide different size limits for sending emails.
  • Therefore, check the size limit of your email before sending it to the recipient if the limit is exceed your getting error postmaster email delivery failure.
  • If you receive the postmaster delivery failure mail repeatedly, check your email server settings on the desktop email client.
  • Download and install a standard security application on your device to clear the phishing emails.
  • Scan all the system files on your device to remove the malware and repair the infected files.
  • Also, check whether the recipient has blocked your email address.
  • Even if the email server blocks your account, you could not send any emails.
  • Try the specific troubleshooting steps to remove these kinds of errors in the future.

If you have difficulties in fixing the error postmaster email delivery failure, contact our technical support team.