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How To Fix Outlook Security Alert Certificate Issue?

You may see the ‘The name on the Outlook security alert certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site’ message in the Outlook email client, while:

  • Creating a new profile in Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Starting an Outlook client
  • When the Outlook client is running
  • If you click the Yes option in the Security Alert dialog box, you can continue with the operation.
  • Autodiscover lookup fails if you click the No option. In such cases, change your Autodiscover DNS records.
Outlook security alert certificate

If you see the ‘The server you connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified’ error message, click the View Certificate button to get the reason behind the problem.

  • The problem is mostly with the server name. If your rename your server name to end with .net, you can eliminate the error message.
  • If the server name is correct and still the Outlook security alert certificate problem exists, carry out the following instructions to resolve the problem.
  • On your Windows computer, launch Command Prompt by entering cmd in the search bar.
  • Type the ‘ping’ command line without the single quotes in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.
  • Note: Replace the letter M with your server name.
  • When the search results appear, check if the server name matches the name on the certificate. If so, use the server name in the Outlook email client.
  • If both the server does not match, check if the IP address is the same. Use the IP address as the server name in the Outlook client.
  • Note: If your host does not contain a server name, you can simply ignore the error message.
  • It is not mandatory to trust the certificate.

For assistance in resolving the Outlook security alert certificate error, contact our technical support members.