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Outlook For Mac Troubleshooting 

If the Outlook application keeps crashing or freezing on your Mac computer, then try some of the possible an Outlook For Mac Troubleshooting instructions given below.

Outlook For Mac Troubleshooting 

Restart your Mac computer:

  • If Outlook is not responding or opening, the first thing you need to do is restart your Mac computer.
  • Click the Apple menu followed by the Restart option.
  • Wait for your Mac computer to restart.
  • Now, try to launch the Outlook application on your Mac computer.

Update your macOS and the Outlook application

  • If the outlook for mac troubleshooting issue persists, check and update your macOS the Outlook application.
  • On your Mac computer, open the System Preferences window.
  • Locate and click the Software Update button.
  • If an update is available for your macOS, then the upgrade process begins automatically.
  • If your current version is High Sierra or earlier, then open the App Store application.
  • Click the Update button.

Steps to update the Outlook application:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel, or any other Microsoft Office application on your Mac computer.
  • Click the Help option followed by Check for Updates.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.
  • After updating your Outlook application, restart your Mac computer after fix the issue outlook for mac troubleshooting.
  • If you have included any third-party add-ins on your Outlook application, disable it.
  • Then, try to launch the Outlook application on your Mac computer.
  • If your Outlook application’s old profile is corrupted, then repair and create a new profile to solve this issue.
  • Go to your Mac computer’s Application folder.
  • Locate and right-click on the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Click the Show Package Contents option.
  • Select > Contents > SharedSupport > Outlook Profile Manager.
  • In the Outlook Profile Manager window, click the plus icon.
  • Now, the New profile window will open.
  • Fill the given fields with valid information.
  • After that, select the new profile that you have created.
  • Click the Set as Default button.
  • Close and relaunch the Outlook application on your Mac computer.
  • Now, if the Outlook application is working, then you have to repair the original profile file.
  • To do it, first, change the profile to the original. Open FinderClick Go followed by Go to Folder.
  • In the Go to Folder dialog box, enter the location path mentioned below.
  • ~/Libray/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.C
  • Click the Go button.
  • Locate and select the Outlook.sqllite file.
  • Drag it to your Mac computer’s desktop.
  • Now, open the Outlook application on your Mac computer.
  • The error message There is a problem and Outlook needs to rebuild will displayed.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to rebuild the Outlook database for the Mac computer.
  • To get remote assistance for outlook for mac troubleshooting, click Call.