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How To Fix Outlook Encryption Problems?

Microsoft Outlook allows you to encrypt email messages easily. Encryption protects the data of the message until it reaches your recipients. Only the end-user will be able to view the contents of the encrypted messages. To encrypt an email message while composing, go to the File menu and select Properties. Click the Security Settings option and checkmark the Encrypt message contents and attachments option. You can now click Send. The message you have sent will be encrypted. But, some users are facing Outlook encryption problems. The error message shows that “Outlook had problems encrypting this message because the recipients have missing or invalid certificates.” The Encryption problems dialog box appears when Outlook is unable to encrypt emails. It may also occur due to conflicting or unsupported encryption capabilities.

Outlook encryption problems

If you are undergoing such issues, continue with the steps given below to fix the issue.

  • Try deleting the contact and read it to solve Outlook encryption problems.
  • Reload the certificates after adding the contact.
  • If the issue persists, remove your email account from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now, type the login credentials of your email account.
  • Make sure to configure your email account using the right server credentials.
  • Once you have configured your account properly, you will be able to send encrypted emails.
  • If the issue persists, click on the Continue button when the Encryption problems dialog box appears.
  • Check with your recipient whether they can read the email message.
  • If the recipient cannot read the email message, try sending an encrypted email message to another recipient.
  • If the second recipient can read the email message, the problem lies with the first recipient.
  • If you are still facing Outlook encryption problems, you can click on the Call button on this page to contact our technical support team.