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Outlook Delegate Access Not Working Properly 

The Delegate Access feature of the Outlook enables you to access another person’s account, send emails, manage the calendar, access emails, and many more with the necessary permission from that person. Sometimes, the access does not work, causing trouble for the delegates. The reasons for this problem are improper addition of the delegate, incorrect delegate permission settings, etc. Continue to read the steps to fix the “outlook delegate access not working” error on the Outlook application.

outlook delegate access not working

1. Add the delegate correctly

  • Launch the Outlook application on the screen and then click the File menu at the top of the window to fix the outlook delegate access not working.
  • Following that, select the Account Settings menu on the right panel and choose Delegate Access.
  • Select the Add menu, enter the delegate information, and search for the delegated person who should be present in the Global address list.
  • Click the correct delegate account and select Add.
  • After that, the Delegate Permissions dialog box opens up, and you can either choose the default settings or custom access levels.
  • Select the permission for the Delegate entry, and click Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions.
  • Click the checkbox beside the Delegate can see my private items option to allow the delegate to check the private email message.
  • Select the OK button to save the settings and to notify the delegate.

2. Configure the delegate permission

  • A simple way to solve this is to select the File menu in the Outlook window.
  • Under Account Settings, select Delegate Access and click the delegate account name.
  • Select the Permissions button and go on to change the private items

3. Close and relaunch the Outlook

  • After checking and changing the delegate permission details, if you face trouble, then close the program.
  • Reopen the application and check if the delegate account appears on the system or the issue outlook delegate access not working is persist.