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How To Fix Issue Outlook App Not Syncing? 

At times, the Microsoft Outlook application may fail to sync your email account configured on it. The steps given below will help you quickly resolve the outlook app not syncing problem.


  • By repairing the email account on Outlook, you solve the sync issues.
  • Launch the Outlook application on the desktop and then click the File tab.
  • Next, select the Info menu on the left side panel and click Account Settings. 
  • After the Account Settings window opens up, choose the email account which you have to repair and select the Repair button.
  • Following that, the Repair Account window appears on the screen; enter the necessary details and click Next.
  • The Outlook begins to repair the account, and when the repair is done, select the Change Account link.
  • Next, the Outlook checks the account settings. When a prompt message appears, select Close.
  • When the repairing process is complete, select the Finish button and close the Outlook application.
  • Reopen the Outlook program and check if the outlook app not syncing problems are resolved.
outlook app not syncing


  • Configure the receiving and sending mails scheduling time settings on the Outlook help to fix the outlook app not syncing issue.
  • After opening the Outlook program, click the Send/Receive panel and then select Send/Receive Groups.
  • Following that, select Define Send/Receive Groups and navigate to the All Accounts section.
  • Tick the checkbox beside Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive Every X Minutes and set the time to 5 minutes.
  • You can continue to set the time for automatic send/receive feature for offline Outlook.
  • Click the Close button.


  • Another way is to send/receive emails on Outlook manually.
  • Open the Outlook, move the cursor to the Quick Access Toolbar, and select the Send/Receive All Folders icon.


  • Removing and reading the email account on Outlook helps to synchronize the email.
  • Click File and select Account. Select your email account and finally click the Remove option.
  • Restart the Outlook application and add the email account again.
  • This should resolve the outlook app not syncing issues.